Weekly NIFTY options open date?


When do the weekly options open up for the next months. For example we are on 23rd July 22, today. When does the NIFTY 1st September’22 weekly option chain be available for trading? Sensibull doesn’t have it but NSE site says they are being traded


Weekly options are open for far month trade you can have look by searching contact on zerodha nifty1thsep_____ce/pe you will get some of the contact on zerodha. As per I now zerodha don’t provide far month illiquid contacts. You can have research on this.

At a time there are 7 weekly expiry contracts (excluding monthly expiry). Once the current weekly expiry contracts expire, contracts for further week are introduced for trading from next day onwards. You can check out more details on this here: https://www.nseindia.com/products-services/equity-derivatives-nifty50

thanks , great answer. I couldn’t find an answer to this anywhere