Weekly Trading Diary 05 March 2018 to 10 March 2018


Played it safe again


I think our trading styles are pretty identical.


a small slip and a big lesson


Ya bro. I done paper trading for 10 days . Then doing practical with one lot. I will do it for one month. Then I will increase lot size to 2


Do you do opening range breakout? Or using indicators throughout the day… like moving averages and rsi


This strategy is pretty accurate but sometime in chopy market trades go in opposite direction.


Today’s trade… Once in a loss of 1700 to profit of 1000… Taking one put for tomorrow



From my experience, never do intraday without stop loss


Todays trade Rs 13230 ( 59% )profit of capital,i am big fan of Zerodha, hovever unfornatley Zerodha kite not working in our office,Blocked by IT admin, So iam using upstox accouict for trading as of now…


yes! thank you!
i put only 1 percent of my investment on intraday. just learning


Bought couple of positional long trades. had put a limit SL sell on BN March Future at 24815.Trade got executed at 2:10 pm but got stopped out due to tight trailing stop loss.
lost a possible profit of 18,000 Rupees. Learnt from that.


First time saw a honest post. I hope your position will overcome all the loses soon


If u have this much capital for holding 5 future overnight … my recommadation is go long with 2 strongest stock, and short 2 stocks which are weekest…its automatiocally protect you from drawdown…what i mean is dont take one sided trade together…


one of my freind who is a senior gave this advice to me as well ( works for intraday perspective as well ) …
in case of market turnarounds , we will be protected most of the times


Yes bro… this all my experiance from last 5 years of trading…


hi DC,

infact these are not futures. they are stocks bought on spot market . plan to hold them for couple of months to see whats up. bought it as per my trading plan with a stop loss. burnt my hand holding 4 lots of Ashokley from last thursday to monday. But the beauty is that the trading plan/Money Mgmt/Risk Mgmt evolves

i am not too worried. i am expecting some wild rides this month and the following months post which it should resume.

i am more pissed off that that the tight stop loss took me out of potential gains in the BN Future.


Thanks AR.

if not - i exit and then move on to the next train that will come down the tracks :slight_smile:


my issue is that the trailing stop loss is too tight. to protect immediate profits - i forego long term profits


if bank nifty breaks 24348 … then it might fall atleast 600 to 800 points for sure as charts suggest@creecap_india