Weekly Trading Diary 05 March 2018 to 10 March 2018


Booked minor profit in condor. Initiated condor for the next week


Today trading .





Today market gave opportunity to both bears & bulls , so today was , as traders Icon Jessy Livermore rule " trade both sides " :smiley: After checking EOD chart i assume on closing basis if Nifty closes/trades above 10245 , will pull back up to 10400 level


Murphy would say , market screwed both bulls and bears :slight_smile:


This issue is with Zerodha only or other brockers as well?


Todays trade… profit of 13200 … learned new lesson too my option expired in the money…fall under STT trap of Rs 2461( I was aware the STT trap but i am working in night shift … my intension was to close trade at 3.00pm also kept alarm before sleeping… hovever my badluck alarm failed due to battery discharge of my mobile…any how day end with around 11000 profit…here is the screen shot.


:grinning: tongue has no bones , so it can be used in any way


Today’s Nifty Trade… for more details please see…


how many lots do you usually trade?


I am on short side at 10265 what should I do?


Took a 4 trading days break (due to losses).
Did lots of reading and paper trading in the mean time.

Returned to market and then made Rs. 3000 profit in the last 3 days.
And lost all of it today.

:cry: :cry: :cry:


Looking upwards bias to me…


After 5000 in loss recovered all money


Getting experience in currency trade :slightly_smiling_face:


kill immediately if moving in the wrong direction!


How many lots?


Do u wait for opening range breakout to happen to plan ur trades? Or just using pivot points.


Bad day for me guys. Ended up 2000 in loss. Lots of unpredictable reversals.
Be patient with profit and inpatient with losses during trading.


Only one lot :slightly_smiling_face: