Weekly trading diary : 09th April to 13th April 2018


Zerodha should compensate all who has tried to close order and it has not.


Brother I don’t think they will compensate anyone for such issues but It will be really helpful if they can fix these issues at the earliest as such issues have been the norm for zerodha for the past 2-3 months… sometimes the chart is not working, sometimes the bid-ask spread is not showing and other such things…this is becoming frustrating now…


Bro start filing complain against zerodha on NSE complaint portal…They will refund sure…
@bless_t_anto wont’t they??


no trades done today because no favourable setup.Looking forward for tomorrow :slight_smile:


Not really in any case…I personally had to make many phone calls to zerodha and shout my shit out…and I alas had few words with their manager and was able to convince him.dont bother to talk to their useless customer representatives… instead talk to the management…I would suggest if possible talk to nithin himself…


I will probably quit zerodha.Upstocks looks much better.


My trade on MCX was my normal strategy which gives me 10% return.The other two trades one being a loss of 110 and other a breakeven exit was a new strategy which I tested out and as results were not good on my second strategy I still need to test it further.Overall satisfied with my trading today :slight_smile:️.For all those who wonder this is not my major trading account.I have two accounts.Major dealing with huge capital( confidential).This is my small account basically where I test strategies.


Good going bro…


Thanks I am still trying out new things. A lot to learn in trading by forming new strategies.I am really happy with my present strategy but I want to further test my limits and learn more.




TODAY PROFIT :: 3.21 R = 321 RS. ( 1.07%)

WEEK(9-13 APRIL) PROFIT: 3.04 R = 304 RS. (1%)
MONTH(APRIL) PROFIT: 7.39 R = 739 RS. (2.46%)




  1. TECHM (22 FEB,2018-after 2 month) AND TECHM (6 APRIL,2018) has hit TARGET-2.


looks like you increased your quantity … :slight_smile:
nice job bro … once something works we can always increase the quantity rather than starting big and getting screwed


Honestly, I trade using 0.3 % per trade.still using same.
I risk 100 RS per trade.
If stop-loss is near then I can purchase more quantity and if far then less quantity.(as candle length of Eicher motors is mostly more than 200, I can’t trade that stock even it has good trade set up.)
For now risk is same in all trades.

’ be consistent in losses’
" We should take care of downside, markets will take care of upside"-tom Yong


Is this really bad news for the company


Yes, it is. Along with that they hv lined up previous acquisitions fr sale. So, basically, new business roadmap has to be charted out, I think. US market is factoring the results outcome…


Oh that’s bad, so is gap down definitely going to happen on Monday?


My best CO order of my trading journey. Based on TA. Wish i had bought more.


wont be surprised if it closes in green on monday … one negative is infy has already been up heavily and there might eb a pft booking …

cant go by ADR values … last time ADR was down by 3% but infy closed flat
also ICICI ADR was 5% down after the results , but it closed 5% up in the next day …

there are many such instances …


You mean red right?


@VelmuruganSengottai Can you please look at this chart https://kite.zerodha.com/chart/NFO-OPT/NIFTY22DEC10500PE and tell me what is happening there?

Is someone trying to buy 53 lots x 3 of that option for 360? Why is the LTP 143?