Weekly Trading Diary: 19th - 23rd April 2021

A thread for discussing your trades, news stories, etc.


thankyou for creating

Good initiative.

Anybody bought the dip?

waiting for more correction… think we are in for a big one given number of cases and more states imposing restrictions…

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Have anybody tried applying studies on Banknifty Option’s Chart? If yes, how did it went for you?

Did it perform better than the futures charts?

this has to be best story of the week… people buying this stock only because it has oxygen in its name… :rofl::rofl::joy::joy:

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@Bharat09 just posted this

But they are not using Options chart. It is a futures chart.

Hi, guys
How are you ? I am a newbie here. How is your trading going ?

Not much but I hve a question that I forgot to sell Bank nifty lots on expiry day so I don’t know what will happen to those lots

Explained here: