Weekly Trading Diary: 21-25 MAY 2018

Guys post your weekly profits or losses here…
Not sure if anyone has already created…

Trade for 21.05.2018

Booked profit in INDOSTAR IPO. No other trade.

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No trade on 22.05.2018…

Trade as on 23.05.2018


Good Profit.

May I know do you follow any risk management strategy ?

How much percentage of your capital did you risk on this trade?

As I am new over the forum. I too decided to share my daily screenshot to track myself socially.

Dear Vamsi, kindly assume I didn’t follow a risk management strategy and be humble enough to share one. Also advise how much capital one should risk in any trade…10%?? Errr…

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10 % ?

Nope. I cant risk even 1 % of my capital on most of trades. Some times I risk 1 % when I am confident of trade( But sadly those trades too give me losses ).

I trust money management and discipline are keys to sustain trading.

I am feeling happy for your profit. I hope you are following money management. If not build one for your self.

I’m glad you’re happy. But I was just wondering that why do you think these kind of profits can be earned without money management.

In terms of capital at risk it all boils down to the risk appetite which is to each one his own.

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Because I saw many like those big profits and big losses in my experience when I did not followed any strategy.

All the best for your future profits.

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No trade as on 24.05.2018

Trade as on 25.08.2018

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Traded after a week. Last two trading sessions were bad. Had a decent day today.

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What’s ur trading capital??

20 L at Present


Do you use leverage…

Use full capital in single trade…

Just asking to know…