Weekly trading diary : 23rd Feb - 1st March 2018 - Updated Thread

Hello Everyone,
I don’t know this one created or not by other. If not then let’s make this thread to discuss and share your trades.
Hope this trading Session Week will great for all to learn something new. :slight_smile: :smile: :wink: :blush:
Wish you all safe and earn more…

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you are really enthusiastic now nandan :smile:

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Why Friday in new week? I think 1 Trading session is remaining in previous week.

They want to align the weekly trading diary with weekly expiry of bank nifty. So they are starting the new week from friday & ending it on thursday.

I personally don’t like it this way :smile:

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for bank nifty traders , this is more comfortable :smile:

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Now TradingQna becomes my Facebook … :slight_smile: :smile: Trying to learn from others trade ASAP.


As NIFTY is monthly Expiry and BANKNIFTY having WEEKLY… So by this I can track my P/L and able to communicate with others on real time based.

Today’s nifty opening may be below 10200 after that it will pick up the pace and digest global bloodbath … :smile:

So it means TODAY will be GOLDEN DAY for PE BUYER .

Unable to login on kite and pi, anyone facing the same issues?
Kite says Gateway timed out and Pi won’t respond :expressionless:


Yes - Same with me

If kite is down during trading hours it will be a real shame.

This problem is coming due to Overload on the server.
I think Development Team have to take this issue seriously and need to resolve it ASAP.

Because Here money is on BET :slight_smile:

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Can anyone explain , how can we choose correct strick price for Option trading… ?
Till now I checked multiple Articles and getting N different views. and Amazing point is Everyone is making profit in their selection way.

But there should be some basic and more sophisticated way to choose Strick price while Option Trading.

may be he is considering the expiry of weekly contracts to start and end a new week!!!

below 10200??!!

Choosen right strike price is so important to multiplying profit…for eg
If market going up than otm calls gain more than itm and deep itm…and vice versa for puts.

If gap up opening deep otm calls gains more than otm and itm and vice versa for puts…

If side ways movement itm option erode premium much faster than otm and deep otm …


09 Feb 2018 - Notification from Zerodha
Important update - Margin requirements for February 9th [8:45 AM]
Owing to expected volatility on Friday, 9th Feb, intraday leverage for MIS orders will be lower than usual. BO & CO will remain blocked until volatility subsides

Where to buy puts when market is going down bro? I mean deep OTM or ATM?

NIFTY showing -1.52% in Pre Open Market.
Bank NIfty showing -1.75% in Pre Open market.
Yesterday’s BUY PE and SELL CE make a huge profit …it seems…
What’s other view.