Weekly trading diary : 23rd Feb - 1st March 2018 - Updated Thread


bank nifty or nifty ?


Kite mobile working fine


not my call … he meant HDFC i guess :slight_smile:

looks like SBI has got only 10% weightage in Bank Nifty


PI is having issues since last trading session @nithin @siva


want to cover call side of my butterfly , but call premium doesnt seem to be going down …


Use kite platform on PC or phone…
Most people use this. pi not smooth as this…


While Looking At Chart I can Say HDFCBANK is Good to Short at 1849 (Bad Idea to Short above this Price) for Target of 1760.


Bought only one lot of USDINR


You are right , i think today it will drop to 1858 level


i find pi better ! :slight_smile:


Sun Pharma broke its resistance , if it closes above 600 level . it may reach 630 to 650 , writing this not because i am holding it :slightly_smiling_face:


I squared off in the morning. Couldn’t take it any more. Will look for opportunity.


Sunpharma cross target 2 (first win in swing)
Open at 7 Feb,2018 :hushed:
Trade journal


PSU bank index up … synidcate bank gave poor result just like SBI.
But bank baroda carrying it , up by 9% …

wont be surprised if SBI closes 2/3% up


I have to control my fear…
NOw market again reverse to my BUY position.
so i can easily save which I lost [3000]. :slight_smile:

Really nice jump in last time…


Congrats @goku , like me you are also Objective in approach :slightly_smiling_face: and also i think Federal Bank looks good for Swing Trade


Totally objective…

Fedrel bank is in corrective bullish pullback according to my price action trading rules…
Still in long term in bearish pattern…


Bro how is puts giving profit? Most of my puts lost premium a lot.


Bro my btst puts are in loss that’s why I purchased puts in the opening to counter it.


Isn’t that squaring off? Or did you purchased more at lower price? Even if you purchased more the premium is still depreciating.