Weekly trading diary : 23rd Feb - 1st March 2018 - Updated Thread


As you said earlier SBIN may trade between 285 to 290 :smile:


i never gave any range bro :slight_smile:

i generally have some aversions for calls like if it goes below level x , it will goto level y , else it will go up to z ( ahshwani gujral type calls :stuck_out_tongue: ) …
because these kind of calls will always be correct irespective of whether stock goes up or down …


Thank you , i did not mentioned day"s range , yesterday , i said only logical/ TA based levels


Looks Like Market is Ready for Bounce Back.


once i shorted ICICI bank calls after it gave poor results , sort of like it was down by 4/5% …
it ended up closing 5% up by EOD ( fortunately i always hedge if i go positional for ATM options )


Results are Very Complicated :joy:
Just Like School Days Results.


Pair Trading Derivative Strategy - For Intraday

Banknifty Sell 1 lot of Fut @ 25622 - 25626
Nifty Buy 1 lot of Fut @ 10518 - 10520

Trgt Profit Rs.3000
SL Rs. 1550


Learning days…

Now if i m bearish i will Wait for 2hrs atleast , if bullish then wait till 3pm.


@goku are you long in sunpharma ?


That swing trade from 7 Feb,2018 and hit target today…

Once I complete my 6 month journal,
I need your help to design option trading system on swing trades…
If possible can you provide 1:2 risk : reward ( it gonna be tough).


Thanks @Lets_Invest bro… After seeing your bubble chart I bought calls too…


U r not showing ur trades? Profit loss? Only reply ing to friends.


I am basically a seller, so typically risk to reward will be 2 : 1 .
But trust me if we hedge it properly , we dont make any big losses and success rate will be 90%.

I can help you in anyway, but if you are in mkt you can do by yourself as well.
Mostly i employ condor or butterfly if premiums are high.
Sell call if bearish and sell put if bullish.

I am trying to explore some buying strategies in index though .

My best 28 out of 31 in feb 2016 ( and one of the trade was mistake , bought instead of selling ) .


Still Market Direction is full of uncertainty.

Just like students are confused after Completing 12th Class :joy:


Because Not holding any Trade right now.
Frankly speaking I have to Make Rs.14k by end of this week so working on that.


:smile: :smile: nifty in strong support of 10500 bears are looking exhaust after pulling down to this level…


Why m&m stock is down although its profit gwroth rises ???


Good brother.


What is your total capital? No probs if you don’t wish to disclose it.


How can decide movement as RSI is totally flat from morning … :slight_smile: