Weekly trading diary : 23rd Feb - 1st March 2018 - Updated Thread


Haha yes i am red once a week… :wink:


I had my nism exams… Glad ppl remember me :joy:


No bro not taken any position today …because of holiday tomorrow…


Frankly speaking at Present Rs.0.00/-


I’ll share very soon :joy:


My first trading day!

Roller coaster ride!


You should be wary of brokerage and stt costs that eat up profits.


Yes. I am going to lose all this profit I guess. I executed 40 orders :open_mouth: Later discovered that its not what it looks like.


From millionaire trader NIAL FULLER

Psychological impact of last trade…


ATM bank nifty strangle closed at 650 om friday.
Today it closed at 425 . still it is way higher than average , almost double the usual rate .


Seems like an opportunity for Authors like you :wink:


lol … i am waiting to cover , but premiums are not going down :smile:


Then happy holiday for you ( double time premium decay )

:joy::joy:hope There is no more gap down…


NCFM exams conducted by NSE?


Nism modules


Which modules you took?
And are they worth the fees?


Though I am expecting a gap down or flat opening :sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat:


Keep it simple. 3 or 4 trades per day . Stick to stocks with price above 200. Trade 1* quantity of stock and try out some technical analysis… once u find ur comfort zone slowly incresse to 50 … 100 shares over a span of few weeks. Most traders get a few profitable trades and big losses when they start out. Be smart and dont fall into that trap. Best wishes.


Are u in banking or sebi?


Hard to predict market direction from yesterdays data. Could go either way… i would bet on a slight gap down opening though.