Weekly trading diary : 23rd Feb - 1st March 2018 - Updated Thread


BANKNIFTY up 200+ but call not increase in value hence go for bear call spread. Let’s see


Dow jones closed 400 points up


Took calculated risk max loss 110 points vs max gain 90 points.


3rd year college student.



I needed the knowledge so i did it…Everything funded from my stock market gains.


I already did paper trades and 1 quantity trades for more than a month.

Here are some results -

There are several others. I felt, my analysis was going right, hence added some funds.

Hope I improve by time :slight_smile:


Wow superb man. With the gains made from trading you gained knowledge. Amazing!!!


Bro @goku, as a good gesture ,I would like to say , instead of trading Rsiky Options ( as of now market is in a Catch 22 situation/ both Call & Put options prices will not move in one direction ,chances of option traders run for their money ) consider trading Currency Futures , less risky. very low margin , and you can make money , even for a small sized accounts. with just 5000 you can trade 3 lots


Amazing!!! Was it hard to learn? How is the exam? Online/Offline?


Thats pretty productive.


Ever considered career in pakoda industry? Modi says it’s the hottest field right now in India.


Well , its better to listen to Father, stop trading, complete NCFM Modules/Exams . you will get job at brokerage/ hedge fund office . and also stop posting your desperation on Q&A other wise ,sure you will get "poke fun" at you


bro have you checked how much tax overall you paid in this …


All nism exams are online bro… Mutual Fund and investment advisor ws easy… Research Analyst i have exam next month so no idea. All in you have to have theoretical knowledge rest you’ll end up doing fine :slight_smile:


I will go NCFM as soon as possible…


I may have booked losses. The intention was to pick the right trades, enter at right time and exit at right time.

I invested 500/- to make sure I don’t drive into excitements.


What"s the difference between NISM & NCFM?:roll_eyes::slightly_smiling_face:


NISM- Initiative by SEBI
NCFM- Initiative by NSE.

PS:- I don’t know much i just give exams :upside_down_face:


I could not find module for trader in NISM ( equity trading)

Can anyone help which module I should pick for equity trading.?


Technical Analysis module would be useful for trading, AFAIK.