Weekly trading diary : 23rd Feb - 1st March 2018 - Updated Thread


Sir, Can you please tell me that how can I calculate strike price limit to place orders for banknifty, because everytime I try to place order, I get rejection notification as following.
Today I got following notification when I tried to place order for BANKNIFTY15FEB1824100PE
RMS:Rule: Option Strike price based on Ltp percentage for entity account-ZA across exchange across segment across product.


Look at the option chain https://www.nseindia.com/live_market/dynaContent/live_watch/option_chain/optionKeys.jsp


yes, the strike price is in the list for which I got same rejection notification.


Today’s trade let’s hope premium doesn’t erodes that much by Monday.


Day end with below result :-

Today nifty was moving just up and down…

No any trade / order in my bucket now. Will take some on Monday.


40K . Figures looks so attractive… :+1: :congratulations:


Thanks :slight_smile: Did you have good time writing today? nifty50 was pretty rangebound.


@sushil_sirari1 what’s your position for monday?


Taking home just a mini truck of puts today…
Not sure gap up or gap down…


I am hoping for gap up. Let’s see what happens.


these are intraday trades ?


i guess short !


No some BTST some intraday


@VelmuruganSengottai what’s the status? Today was a good day for writers


did nothing :slight_smile:
premiums are so high that i was tempted to try one more condor/butterfly , but decided against it …

if BN went below 25100 , i would have written 25300 call after covered 26100 call…


I agree premiums are so high.


What are the best penny stock in current scenario?


leaves won’t detoriate the price anything abnormal …
like if tuesday is a holiday , option price usually closes little more than tuesdays closing price on monday …


SBI gave poor result :grimacing:
might take nifty and bank nifty down


@Lets_Invest bro please share bubbles chart of nifty 50 day end.