Weekly trading diary : 23rd Feb - 1st March 2018 - Updated Thread


Ok… understood…
Because NIFTY and NIFTY FUT both moves in same sides… So we can’t tale attempt based on both.


who knows … usually i check the price/volume action and play accordingly


Is it?
I was under the impression that VIX is just a measure of volatility ; higher the VIX greater the probability of movement “irrespective of direction”


Isn’t there any place where we can find it apart from sbi ?


US market tanks again…



Is this start or end of this bear market?


LOL I guess more such days to come…


This is the worst week in 9 years


I hope you are carrying more Puts in your suitcase :smiley:


Actually I made a mistake and bought more calls than puts nevertheless if it gaps down by more than 300 points nifty and banknifty more than 600 points MTM will be green


Well, BankNifty could be since SBI posted terrible results, Nifty 300 points could be difficult… but in the market anything is possible, so hope for the best…


You carrying any options for Monday?


I am short some ITM Puts, but also have extra futures short, so they should do the trick… :wink:


Okay great have you tested this strategy before? What is the success ratio? This looks like a safe strategy to try.


Well it’s a very defensive strategy, low risk and low return, helps to take some directional bets in a one sided market… results are good in a trending or sideways market but large directional whipsaws are damaging… no stop losses are required so whips from stop losses are absent… typically last yr had 3 bad months… so success ratio is good but again its a low risk low return thing


I am kind of interested in these types of strategies where time is on your side.


Yea… little bit of time and little bit of direction… volatility is the x factor… in trending times, helps absorb the pull backs without being “stopped out” and helps keep going, only painful times are these transition times from bull to bear and bear to bull markets…


i am fan of these low risk and low return strategies … i avoid futures because of m2m settlemets
sometimes i feel totally bored when the mkt moves up or down heavily and i have nothing tood :expressionless:

but whatever money i make in those low return strategies , i keep experimenting by trying high rik and high return strategies …


That’s a nice idea… it’s like experimenting with risk free money (market provided money)… I had thought of something similar but in a different way… its like I put 50% of the profits buying stocks of good fundamental companies, it gives me a psychological satisfaction that I am acquiring these stocks every month for “free” :grinning:


Not sure but there must be any other websites which provide this feature.