Weekly Trading Diary : 29 October - 02 November 2018

Opening this thread to have some discipline on my trades and be accountable :wink:

I have placed following trades for Monday. I usually do trading in futures and Bank Nifty Options. At a given time I may have 3-4 lots of futures and 4-6 lots in Bank Nifty. I also sometimes carry forward my trades. Personally I usually go wrong is delay in taking loss.

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Today was of course not a good day for me since I had gone short. But I have a strategy which I have to try even if it means losses.

All the positions are still open.

Why would you short at Nifty support levels of 10000?

I don’t take trades based on market. I usually have individual stock based strategy.

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Ok , lets see here.

On what basis do you buy/sell stocks?

You carry on with ur strategy…u just post ur trades…it happens …i also went short on India bulls housing finance…

All times others advise will not work…sometimes we can take their advise

Agreed. I have had bigger losses and profits as well.

The idea behind posting it here is so I stick with my game plan and true to my strategy.

One thing I have learned is never take so-called expert advise from TV channels and so on. Personally for me it plays with my mind and makes me deviate from my strategy. I have stopped watching CNBC and other business channels during market hours. I received SMS alert if NIFTY/SENSEX/BANK NIFTY moves by > 3%.

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Gone wrong on Jindal Steel, will book loss today at opportune time.

TVS Motor was not my conviction trade. I had played only for small profit.

I was more convinced about Jindal which DIDN’T work out. Like I said waiting for opportune time to book loss today.

Okay but you should also incorporate market view to some extent

All technical analysts expected bounce from 10000 levels because there was no new bad news and Nifty was not showing strength to break 10000

And if you see in this bounce, even if a trader had shorted the biggest fraud stocks of market also they would have made loss - INFIBEAM, DHFL, IBULHSGFIN, SREINFRA etc

Everything goes up when Nifty rebounds, so you have to incorporate overall market view definitely in your trades

I agree with you to some extent, will add that to my decision making.

In fact in my long term portfolio I was buyer of stocks at 10k levels.

Also your averaging was pretty fast

I think your AMO orders were 6700 qty for JINDALSTEL

Then in 2 days you reach double qty

If you averaged slowly at proper Nifty resistance levels like 10400 and 10700 then you could hold the trade longer

Sorry, It seems your are not an expert trader as per your dairy.
YOU have good trading capital you should hedge your position and enjoy peaceful night.


you are really a brave trader if i ever saw one.

Seeing that kind of losses , i would probably vomit and quit trading.

Not saying its anything bad. I m sure you have lots of money to trade with. I guess these are small losses for you.

Good luck and keep posting these real trades.


I actually average at every 1% up, which is usually the rule I follow. I also tend to book profit at 1% down AFTER the 1st order.

I’m sure I’m not good trader, but I want to follow what I intend to do. I agree with hedging part, I had thought about incorporating for this trade. For example in case of Jindal, I could have sold 150 PE, that way loss could have been contained.

My Jindal trade is still open and depending on how it approaches end of day, I’ll take decision. I’ll post the screenshot after the market closes.

Why I am telling that averaging thing is that this current rally in Nifty is just relief rally, and mostly it should subside soon, at 10400, 10700 who knows.

So if you are already trapped on short side, you need to ensure you can hold on to the position until Nifty reaches those resistance levels, and also there is good chance of the stock falling one day randomly also.

As metals sector we have seen suddenly it falls any random day.

If you average faster, you may be inclined to book loss faster, and then if Nifty and stocks reverse within few days, you would regret more.

I have left the position open. With little day trading, recovered some losses. Since I’ve done trading using MIS, I believe Zerodha takes that as average price for next day position. So tomorrow it will show as profit though it is loss. I’ll show the position using P&L report if it shows incorrect. NET LOSS as of today is 55350 - 11025 = 44325 (not counting brokerage of course)

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I only suggest U SELL ITM PUT
only suggestion AS I SEE SHORT UNWINDING .

I agree on SELLING PUT. I will either do 160 or 170 or combination of both.