Weekly trading diary : 2nd Feb - 8th Feb 2018

Hello Everyone,
I don’t know this one created or not by other. If not then let’s make this thread to discuss and share your trades.
As this week start just after BUDGET 2018.
Hope this trading Session Week will great for all to learn something new. :slight_smile: :smile: :wink: :blush:

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this friday to thursday weekly cycle threads are better :smile:
in sych wiht bank nifty players

Maybe I am thinking to stick more with option and learn as much as possible with others.
From past of few days , TradingQ&A becomes by social media… :slight_smile: :smile:


Hellow Everyone,
This week trade start with high LOW gap in NIFTY ,… What’s your view ? :slight_smile:

Les’s see about next week trade swing.

At list we have Limited Risk here. @nandan_priya

how come are u take such open calls ? This could be the only case when are either very good at options and u know that ur calls are gonna rock or else this is like just buying the lottery ticket ! :confused:

  1. Yes this is my 1st Option trading.
  2. I took position call based on past of 3 months movement. I checked based on last 3 months stocks gives some big downs and Ups and finally go up…
  3. I am not quitting because I paid total around 31K Premium which will be my maximum loss.
  4. But If Nifty trend will move toward positive , which will happen then I will book my profit and exit from this trade.
    Again will take next trade.
    Now as market is in down side , so I am thinking to just wait and watch. No trading…
    In this time being I am trying to learn more and more.
    Hope so … Everything will be good… :slight_smile: :smile:

Yes. Total risk is :- 39301 + Tax [5000] = 44K .
So I think 44K will be my maximum loss.
But let’s see.

Hi guys. I have bought nifty 11000 CE (naked call option) for March expiry… Took it on the basis of technicals. Pls give your views

U do know abt the Time decay and Greek Options right ?

Yes Time Decay :- What ever current price is , as expiry will come closer, it’s premium will be move to 0 .

So u have the idea that both of ur feb calls will expire worthless ? :@ :confused:

May be
Both have expiry date as :- 22nd FEB … I will check till 15-17th Feb. then I will exit.

There would be no point in keeping thats what im trying to suggest ! Because till that time u wont even get what is left ! :zipper_mouth_face:

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I am getting your point and concern. Let’s see on monday.

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You’re supplying food to option writer. Both option will become zero ,at this point option writer can wait but not buyers. Exit as soon as possible.



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can I buy a BankNifty put 26000 8thfeb expiry? is it worth?

as per my view, Please check monday market moves.