Weekly trading diary : 2nd Feb - 8th Feb 2018

  1. Stock list to trade on feb 5 ,2018


How to trade???

  1. Swing Trade Set Up on 5 feb ,2018

Bro my strong recommendations to close your position on Monday itself vix is increasing so you would get some of your amount back if you wait till 15 by the time vix will cooled off and so your premium. If you are sure that market will rebound then again buy them in more cheaper price than what is now.
Bro don’t get emotional on your position , I lost my capital by getting emotional.
See your premium paid is 39000 and now it is left around 14000 so why not save 14000 and put some were else or wait for a week for consolidation you can buy double the quantity what you have today if you wait for third week with 14000 I guess…


Yes bro it worth a lot …

You shud definitely give a try with this app ‘Option Strategy Optimizer’. It is even free with the basic feature that u need.

Yes bro. Tomorrow I will consider this

What is your suggestion to keep it till interest rate announcement in this week, i know its a risk if it goes against the investor…

Bro FM allready revised fiscal deficit 3 to 3.3 in budget and inflation rate is highest in last three year ,so what can we expect from RBI ?? No rate change is the best we expect nothing else… but worse my be come out from them also like ltgc in budget.
My suggestion if you are trader sell on every rise till 10300 because 10500 will be tested in 2 or 3 days if broken with volume then 10000 in card . .
If you are investor so close all your position and sit on cash till this trend reverse which may be after march …

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Looks like it’s going down today as well nifty down -150 points and bnknifty -483 points.

@sushil_sirari1 you were right should’ve hold’em puts

Market is completely in DOWN mode.

Yes Heavy Downfall

Thanks Bro.

Don’t panic Guys.
From here Market Can Show some bounce back but overall trend will be bearish.

Market will stay near 10500-10600 for few trading Sessions and will move Towards 10000 but not in Quick mode.

This year is for quality buying of stock at Reasonable price for long term.

Don’t buy on dips You will see more correction in stock.
Specially in MID cap segments.

In deep regret

would’ve been more than 3 to 4lks I guess it happens.

What’s about Tata motors, Tata motors DVR , ifci, tbz, greaves cot
What suggestions and trades timings


Short term Target market conditions are also against.
Not convincing buying at all its just Because People are Buying for Good results.

Happy To See You Back @Lets_Invest :blush::blush::+1:

For Option trading,
Shall we follow some indicators with Time frame for long Buy Positions. which provide relaxation to Option buyers and They don’t need to have a looks again and again into PRICE changes.

Put your ideas.

Still Something I am missing to understand about movement… due to which I am getting only loss…

Took both Order based on movement even Supertrend also indicated that time… But comes finally into -ve value.