Weekly Trading Diary: 4th to 8th October 2021

A thread for discussing all your trades, strategies, ideas, news, stories etc.

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Wish you all a good luck for this week!

Ultra level trade recommendations with 101% accuracy for this week.

Canara Bank is expected to trade between 0 - 1000rs.
Accuracy level - 100%
Can’t go below 0 and above 1000rs.
Not a financial advice but the accuracy for the above trade is 100% :joy::joy:
(Just for Fun)

My system indicates bullish move is expected in AUROPHARMA1!, DIVISLAB1! , DIXON1!, IBULHSGFIN1!, COALINDIA1!, M_MFIN1!.

As per my system, GRANULES,AARTIIND, ABBOTINDIA, GLENMARK, NAVINFLUOR, also may show positive move in coming 4-5 sessions.

    ** VIEWS POSTED IS NOT FOR ACTUAL TRADING, pls don’t take any trade based upon this.

(** post copied from last week thread, as i didn’t located this thread before. view posted on 9.50-10 am on 4 oct 2021.)