Weekly trading diary : December 2017 Week 1 : 4 Dec - 8 Dec

After So many Months ITC in Top Gainers. :+1:
Last Minute Buying is going on.

@sdg, held 2 lots BPCL 520 call, sold out one closer to 11, still holding the other one lot. Dunno if it was the right time to sell or if it’s the right time to hold, unsure. Gotta see on Monday morning.



trade must be fun yessssssssssssss

Nice trade :star_struck:
What made you select this script?

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Congratulations, Nice Trade :+1:

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:kissing_heart: Thanks! This scrip is my baby. Had posted this a couple of days back.


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Very small profit booked today.

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Learning trading by watching all the experts here :slightly_smiling_face:

Taking baby steps

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Nice! You know what, trade 1 share of a stock and see how many rupees you can make in a day. I used to do this.

Like, initially I used to make only 1-2 rupees while trading 1 share, then I started to make a little more. You’ll understand when to allow your positions to run and when to square it off.

Say you are trading a 500 rupee stock, if you are able to make 5 rupees everyday, then this indicates that you are equipped with capturing a 5 rupee movement everyday.


doing the same after losing rs. 10000
Now for gaining back confidence i m doing same with more learning.

This really helps!
Maybe one day i’ll make profits like you :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: You will certainly improve if you do this. I’ve created a 1 rupee movement thread also, maybe you can post your 1 rupee trades there and we can discuss:)

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Surely! i will. I want to learn more

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This is must for New Traders to learn how to Trade in Live Market with less quantity.

Trade with Less quantity in first 2 Weeks, why I am saying 2 weeks so, that you get the idea of Uptrend as well as downtrend.

After doing this for 2 weeks analysis your Trades.
when your Trades were more profitable in Uptrend or Downtrend.

Now, In 3rd Week Increase the quantity to get the Real idea of your learning, and to get the Real Pressure of losing money and Earning money.
Analysis the Trades of 3rd Week.

Now, In 4th week Increase the quantity to say 100. Again analysis the Trades.

( Problem with small quantity is that people Trade in very relaxed manner and take it causally Becasue even if the stock will drop Rs.10/- you will Loss Rs.10 with 1 quantity but imagine if you were Trading with 100 quantity you colud have lose Rs.1000/- So, in situations like that what you should do to stop the loss? This will only come with experience and Trading and learning day by day )

NOTE:- New Trader should Always Trade in small Quantity for few months.

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Congratulations !

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when we modify any order it will give sound

Thanks. Have been learning a lot just by watching yours and other’s trades being posted here in this forum and all your analyses.

Congrats @Srinivas… Good to see that you made nice profits

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@Lets_Invest Hey looks like you have been trading for some time and have a good understanding of intraday. I have recently started intraday and it would be really helpful if you could give some advice on how to select/search for stocks which are suitable for intraday trades. Do you have a preloaded watchlist/do you use a screener?? Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lol !! Dont believe anyone. Many amateur traders are here on this forum giving free advisory all the time. Few people become technical experts on this forum overnight but got the least idea of reality.

They don’t post their loss making trades!!

You can get a fair idea about their confidence level from their trade size. They reduce their trade size after suffering losses!! But those loss making trades are never shared. Don’t get tempted after seeing profits because there’s a dark side too & that is never revealed.

To add more, some of them are trading on others money because they dont have enough money being high school student.

I would advice you to have an eye opener session with Mr @maddy_Des who knows someone using HTML strategy. :smile: :joy: