Weekly trading diary : December 2017 Week 1 : 4 Dec - 8 Dec



bought a otm expiry pair,
not a pair trader just checking something to work


what is that share?


How to make money in share market?

I am always losing money :frowning:


Booked loss in Wipro… and taken position in PVR.


Hey @Lets_Invest, how trades went for you?


What a Disaster.


Good, All closed in Good Profit.
Trailing Stop-loss Done the Justice.


Captured Good Profit In BIOCON at Right Time.
Although This trade was Totally based on Do or Die Situation.


Congratulations ! :+1:


I am not sure about This.
You can ask any Expert Investors who is covering M&M from Investment point of view.


Just one good trade is Enough for day.


thank you …


How can I find that?

Is there anything that I need to study to find that?


It’s A Business just like real Life Business running by People.

You will see in Market that There is Street in which you will only Find Electronic shops.
All electronics shops selling same Products.
So, How they Survive?
Some Provide good Discount.
Some Provide good After sales service.
Some Running on Brand Value.

Common Thing is that All are running their Business by Using Different Different Technique & Experience to Run the Business.

In Stock Market you also Need These both Technique and Experience and Little bit of Luck to keep Earning & Learning.


@Lets_Invest Well said!


Nicely Explained!


it was equitas share December future


Booked good profit in dhfl short



How about putting my money in mutual funds?
Is that a good practice?