Weekly trading diary : December 2017 Week 1 : 4 Dec - 8 Dec


Finally Started recovering my loss


Congratulations keep Trading :+1::+1::+1:


Congratulations, Very Good :+1:


Congratulations :+1::+1:


Yeah I missed it. :frowning:


Couldn’t focus on markets due to work. Hopefully tomorrow will get some good opportunity :slight_smile:


I am newbie Reading varsity for past few days and I read options and futures will get expired on expiry day then how futures and options trading would work in intraday? How you guys are booking profits and losses in futures and options daily?


Yes, I hope so and Today’s Opportunities were so dam good.


Absolutely Right.

Because You can do Intraday in both the segments.
And if you don’t wanna keep the position for overnight Then close it Today, This will count as I Intraday.

Becasue Intraday is allowed in Both the segments.


Profit-> Rs.3600 (Intraday)



SOLD @ 26











I was Getting Bore :joy:
So, Just Looked at The Chart and I found Somethig interesting and Placed A Sell Order.
Captured Rs.1/- :joy:


I did the same with FEL with 1800 quantity,


how did you find this stock? you were watching already?

  1. I was watching TV
  2. Found Interesting
  3. Looked at chart
  4. BAM!!!:beers::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::beers:


I have done many Trades in FEL in Past.
When @ASHISH_SINGH Posted FEL trade Then I looked at the chart and Took Sell Position.


I knew it :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I saw your trade time