Weekly trading diary : January 2018, Week 1 : 01 Jan - 05 Jan

Yes, absolutely Perfect.

Today the guys who are played with Jindal Steel are going home with weight of pockets and may be plan to a vacation :grinning:

It’s not the end.
This is how Market works.
Someday it rewards you someday it takes something but it’s Totally upto you.
How Much you wanna take from market and How much you wanna give to Market.


Absolutely correct ji… The one who understands this can survive till the end…

Can somebody help me with TECHM ? Shorted futures @ 500…should I hold to lower the loss or square it at the current rate?

Hey @Himanshu_Bansal
I already answered this 6 days Back.
You still holding position.
(I have not looked today’s TECHM chart yet)

Futures Holding time frame when trading using TA

yes…Karthik suggested to wait for the SL to breach…I’m stuck with this with loss piling up everyday…It made a perfect shooting star on charts yesterday still closed higher today. I’ve started to doubt on TA theory :(…Pls. suggest.

Okay, At Present from 2 Trading sessions TECHM is Facing Resistance at 525.
Which is also 52 week High.

Delivery Percentage have also increased from the Last time it 54.62% now.
(Investors are bullish on Stock)

I have not looked at the Open Interest data.
Once I’ll check I’ll update it.
If open interest have increased there are Chances that it will again tomorrow try to Breach 525 levels.

If it will Breach 525 level anything can happen It can go more up.
If Selling pressure will come at 525 it will be good news for you and you will stay in game.

Thank you for checking that for me. My biggest dilemma is at what levels should I exit if it at all it comes down.

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@Himanshu_Bansal Don’t worry.
Let’s Hope for the best and take your decision tomorrow keep your emotions aside.

Thank you once again bro… :+1:

One More thing.
Whenever you short any Future in doubt make sure you buy same quantity in Cash Market to cover that Position.

In Cash Market We have time to make our Wrong trade trun into right but in FNO we have limited time and overnight positions can be Risky.


Yes that works except for Index futures

For index futures, u can buy all 50 nifty stocks. Be safe!

Margin requirement would be huge in that case. Wouldn’t it be preferable to buy an ITM call option?

Yes, Margin required would be very Huge.

That’s why Short covering happen in Intraday.
Say, Good Jump in any Stock and the short seller will jump into cash market to cover their Positions and you will see more rise in price.

Which is commonly known as Short covering.

I hope Everyone took position in TATASTEEL

Is market depth freezed?!

Yes! I am facing the same issue. The LTP and charts are also freezed.
I don’t know why these guyz repair it in the market time.