Weekly trading diary : January 2018, Week 1 : 01 Jan - 05 Jan

1st day of the year started well… Happy new year all… :slight_smile:


Didn’t play much today… no movement in commodity due to international market off


Made no trade today. All my open long-positions are in red KNRCON, VEDL and SHK.

I don’t understand this???

NIfty 50 falls 95 points, Nifty Bank 221 and Sensex 244 points.

I got into KTK position again and squared off nifty 10600 pe. Final positions as of today.

Good start of new year!


Good start??? Hahahahahah
It’s a Damm Very Good Start :+1:
Keep it up :blush:

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Ha ha ha… Thank you @Lets_Invest :smile:

Kool. Congrats!

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Any idea why nifty is falling daily exactly at 13:45 candles

What is the strategy for nifty pe positions that took on last friday? Can u share?


Frankly speaking, I don’t know much about technical analysis (I have recently started learning it). I was convinced with the fact that before crossing 10600 level nifty will correct/consolidate, hence took this PE position. I was prepared to book losses if the trade didn’t materialize in 2 weeks.

I am not sure if this is what you were hoping to get as an answer, but some how these hunches work for me(though not all the time).

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You Should have made a good profit’s on Straddle for violent moves :face_with_monocle:

Happy New Year and good start to the new year

i did short straddle :smile:

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i did short straddle one more time at 2.20 , and lost eveything and went into loss :blush:

Bankbaroda I suppose is in demand zone. Good for Call or short-term investment.
Just wanted to share

Ohhhh, Got it.
It’s okay, better luck next time :+1:

Not sure of demand zone at this levels but still BOB is bound southward till 150 or possibly near 140
lets c…