Weekly trading diary : January Week 2 : 8 - 12 Jan, 2018


Any View On NTPC FOR very short term.ntpc


Any views on holding PNB,TATA POWER,ADANI POWER,SAIL for next 6 month


At least, unlike equities :smile:


Every one is facing. But not telling. I also faced such problem from last 5 days.


The values are blinking to 0 & then to actual depth value
This is happening for first 10 mins for this whole week


Today I traded Karnataka bank & made quick 18K in last few mins. :smile:




What is the news related to IDFC bank. Why is it in rise and fall?


NBFC Capital First & IDFC Bank merger.


Stupid BSNL has been blocking every broker’s site :expressionless:
All other websites are working fine expect brokerage websites.


Ok. Does it mean good news. Will the stock continue to rise?


I think it will decline now


I don’t know much on this but Some Investors are saying IDFC BANK will trade Near 100 in coming months.


Another good day ended, expecting more next week


Today’s trade

South Indian Bank - Buy 33.25 Sell 32.7, RET 1.7% loss

Altered strategy today and entered trade very early within 15 mins but price didn’t breakout. But it stayed close to the high. So I left the position open expecting at least a mild positive closing towards the end of the day. But didn’t happen.


booked arnd 65k this week … took positions for budget and in some minor loss





How come you were able to make such kind of decisions. I would like to know what made you go for the trade. Thanks for the knowledge