Weekly trading diary : January Week 2 : 8 - 12 Jan, 2018


You can hold Coal India for long term. It is a dividend paying stock. As Spaceship said, it needs some trigger by the government. We might see something in 2018. Continue adding on dips.



Like this weekly trading diary, why can’t we have a portfolio review kind of group where people will share their portfolio stocks with each other and discuss more about it?


:slight_smile: Thanks Srikant


Yes, u create a thread. :+1:


What are your ideas on Nifty options for the upcoming week?
Has anyone played around longer dated options (eg feb/mar expiry in this case?)


@Tintin merge this topic in our weekly trading discussion.


Nifty 18Jan 10700 CE is more volatile. I am trading on that @Robb




Karnataka bank can give good positive move in coming week.


@nithin, Congratulations to Zerodha.


I have a question guys.
If someone is good at Analysis of stock.
How he/she can use this skill to Start his/her own Stock Recommendations Startup???

Is this possible?
If yes, what are the Legal procedure to Start this?


Hmmm. I will speak bitter truth.

If someone is good at stocks analysis, he wont waste time setting up recommendation services etc etc. Rather he would prefer to become a billionaire by trading his own stock analysis than making others a billionaire by doing charity. Yes charging small fees for making them earn unlimited can be looked as a charity.

Secondly, a person only chooses to be a tips provider because he’s not good at making money through trading! :smile: So the idea is to also not allow other people to make money by first looting good money as fees from them & later making them suffer good losses in trading by useless tips etc. So a tip provider makes good safe money by giving Paid Gyaan which otherwise is freely available in india!!

No matter when anyone starts learning basics of stock markets trading, he reads this line many times. That is, Stay away from tips!

And still people continue to fall trap to it. And some of the loss making traders turn to become tip providers. While many of the traders keep changing tips providers.

Best business is to become a broker by offering quality services at lowest price.

Zerodha has much more left to do as a broker. They can offer alot more & it will quickly flood them countless customers in no time.


There is a famous quote “Billionaires comes in Rolls Royce to take advice from People who travels in Local train”

See Not everyone have money to invest in stock market to become a Billionaire.

To become Billionaire One need money.
And we all know To Earn Money from stock market we need money to put into market.

But If someone have decent knowledge.
Why not he help others to make some money and he should also make some money.


Yes I have heard that one! That’s the reality.
Tips recommendation businesses will continue to flourish but people don’t see the real side of it.

Tip provider analyst can have a safe good income because new traders will continue to subscribe to his services.


You can go ahead but like every field, u will have to face high competition & pressure. And firstly more important, you will have to prove yourself that you are knowledgeable & your analysis works.
Only then some people will trust you & based on your performance they will continue to stick to u & more people will subscribe.

Now, the question still remains. How will you prove yourself a successful analyst without first earning decent money on a regular basis which is most important. So you need to have money to make more money regularly until people start trusting you.
Passing certification courses & getting SEBI registered is a far off thing & getting that title will not get you customers unless you are able to successfully n regularly make good money out of trading.

So end result remains same, u need MONEY to make MONEY & prove yourself first. Only then people would trust u.


Exactly, you are right. Rather than setting up a start up could invest on his own.


See there’s no harm in helping others & at the same earning by charging nominal fees for doing that effort. But be it a tip provider, a trader or a spectator, markets will continue to surprise n shock everyone at times.


@vijender88 What does your derivatives analysis point to for Nifty and BankNifty for the upcoming week ?


Okay, Thank you so much.
I got your point :+1: