Weekly trading diary : January Week 2 : 8 - 12 Jan, 2018


Granules India up 4.5%


Can DLF be shorted at current level with SL 275.4 ?


No. I don’t think so


Any specific reason why it will go up post budget, if earnings are positive it may go up I guess. I may be wrong.


Sir, I have a very specific query. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for ALUFLORIDE stock?


Booked 2500 profit in quick heal
Buy price 375
Sell 400


Booked profit after trading after long time


Frankly speaking I have no idea about this company.

But Still I searched some data.
When I looked at Shareholding Pattern I find that 50℅ Share Holders are promoters.

And from September a Damm good spike in Share price almost double.

Company is reporting consistent Profits from March 2017 and expected to report good Results again.

In short run 130 looks good support and trying to break it’s Resistance near 145.
Also Volumes are very low in stock.
And Today’s volume traded is very low 4812.

Update:- It was a cross over of 50MA & 100MA in Sep 2017 and From there continuously it’s going up.


Shorted INDUSINDBK at 1720 bought back at 1704
1700 is the crucial levels It will Fall like Free Fall.


Great how many lots? Although it’s still going down any reason?


Swing Traders can buy at these lower levels.
It will recover in upcoming Trading sessions.


Thank you very much for your valuable inputs.


No matter how good Results Banks gonna report.
If NPA is bad. Traders gonna short it badly. :joy:


does anyone know about anything macquarie’s group under perform status given to icici lombard?

thanks in anticipation




@Lets_Invest Did Coal India reached it’s limit or will it further go up?


Its Very Difficult for Anyone to say Where it will Go from here.

Let Talk about the Chart Pattern which I Observed.

1 Jan 2017 Crossover of 5EMA & 20EMA Most of the Experience Traders would have taken Their position and I am sure they still Holding Their position. (They are Risk Takers.)

I also Checked on Higher Moving Averages 50EMA & 100EMA Crossover.
on 3 Jan 2017 Crossover happened Now, Traders Who Look for 100% confirmation Would have taken position.

310 is immediate Resistance If Broke with Good Volumes Higher chances of Moving to 320 Levels.
If Selling Pressure Came it will Take immediate Support Near 300 Levels. if Broke 300 Chances it will get settle near Long Moving average of 50.

Update:- Change in Open Interest By 0.85%


I did tell it may reach 310 levels. Now depending upon market conditions, it may show some upmove but can remain range bound.


JIOCOIN :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Source: http://www.livemint.com/Companies/AzdrYmQhYnq0TPiDUbZcSO/Reliance-Jio-planning-its-own-cryptocurrency-called-JioCoin.html


Thanks alot for such a clear explanation :slight_smile: