Weekly trading diary : January Week 2 : 8 - 12 Jan, 2018


Yes, ur expectation is one of the reason for my holdings :slight_smile:.


@Lets_Invest @mac76 @Spaceship Do you trade in Nifty FnO ? Buying Nifty 18Jan 10400 PE at 29 is a good choice?


I don’t trade in FnO…I don’t have the required experience for that.


Is this some block/bulk deal in Dilip Buildcon?


NO!! Don’t buy it. My view is not bearish yet. Markets are making new highs every other day.

Correction is due but I won’t suggest buying PUTs yet.


Could be Anticipating upcoming Budget.


Maybe…but that’s unusual quantity


Unusual quantity? Its just around 75 Cr worth equity as delivery. Yes 75 Cr is not a small figure to call it just!

But still , some action will be happening because of budget. And price may rise further to 1200 levels short term.


Yeah! Let’s hope so…I am planning to add more.


I don’t think it means it was bought by just one entity. It really just means the total qty of total traded qty which is held by the person. 81% is not that much high and pretty common if the price has fallen down on that day then there is high chance of people holding it till next day or until they see some profit. Sort of like BTST.

Check today’s data and you will find most of the stocks which went down or didn’t rise much are held for tomorrow or maybe longer.


Do u get notified automatically if there’s any high percentage of deliverables anywhere?


Yes but still it is way more the average volume. Anyways, let’s hope that the price rise.


Yes It was not bought as a big chunk deal by single entity. Otherwise it would make a presence in NSE bulk deals data.


It will test 1200 levels by budget.


No! Do you know any website/ software providing this functionality? I’ve told my adviser from Motilal Oswal to inform me if anything like this happens.


How can you be so sure?


I am bullish on this. It has more upmove left & good scope for long term. Infra sector will be benefited by budget. This company is also a part of Bharatmala project.


Yes! That’s very true. I am quite disappointed that I bought only 20 @ Rs.852


Damm, Big candle on volume chart.
Someone bought in Good quantity.


Maybe letsinvest might know something like that?