Weekly USD INR options


@NithinKamath Just want to know when can i trade weekly usdinr option in your platform as BSE launched the same couple of months back


@nithin , awaiting reply. @siva .
what is the symbol ? when / how can we trade the weekly currency options ?


Just type USDINR space followed by strike, you can see as below

18- year
D-Month december
07- date of expiry
CE- call option
Add to market watch and just buy/sell as usually.

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Why BSE? you can trade NSE weekly options already


Hello Siva,

Please can you help me… I tried this and it does not help me find anything for Jan 04 weekly expiry…
Is there an easier way of searching for weekly option strikes?

Anybody please help.



I have pasted the image of what I see and please help me understand how I can find the current weekly series of dollar options.

If there is a webpage/ document I would be happy to go through.


USDINR- Underlying
1- Month, Jan in this case
04- Day
71- Strike
CE-Option type.


How to get chart of underlying for USDINR spot in kite? We only get chart for future.


Spot charts are not available.


Do you know how to add usdin spot in MarketWatch?


Spot indices are not available.