Weekly Webinar : Recommendation of REAL Daytraders as Guests


I guess retail daytraders have heard enough GYAN from these big fund managers trying to impress the day-traders at the bottom of the food chain.

The ideas of fund manages are not practically applicable in daytrading. More over we get enough of this for free everyday on the television. Making them speak for a long time, I often find them contradicting their own views.

So, Is it possible you could find some REAL retail traders who does daytrading for a living as a guest on your weekly webinars ?

At least we can learn some practical application of daytrading in India from them, as a means to making a living out of it.

I request this to you, because I think you are the only person in India, that has the X-Factor to get these kind of things done, that really benefits the daytrading community.


Speaking on behalf of @nithin - yes, we are looking at this, we will soon try and and get good skilled day traders to share their strategies/thoughts in our webinars.


I am not an experienced trader but wanted to share what I do.

If Zerodha wants to share my trading live like opentrade I don’t have any objections and also don’t want to earn anything out of sharing it. I can also answer questions on my trading if required.

Even if I make mistakes let others learn from those mistakes.

Let everyone trading with zerodha benefit of this. At least this may be useful for fresh traders.

My intention is to bring more retail traders so that FII influence will be reduced, which will bring maturity to Indian markets and also impact of US news will reduce. Every time something happened in global level our media runs stories about FII pulling out of India and create panic to retail traders.

This will also reduce dependency on FDI. The money idling in gold also will come to markets.

@nithin Kindly think of it. Like me many may come forward to share.