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Once again, welcome!


New version is good.

but reset password should ask twice before accepting the new Password. else people may type wrong password.

Hope password is stored in encrypted form.


Hi NIthin,
IN the contract notes can we get the FINAL TOTAL of the shares purchased and shares sold, we have to manually get it now while posting the journal entries.
Also for IPO we should be able to subscribe can this be given also.


Hi Nitin,
I have some profit in Mutual funds(long term indexed) , infra bonds and some loss in equity. Now, can I combine them and pay tax or I should treat each separately and pay tax?


Hi Zerodha,

I would like to know if I can transfer my stocks in HDFC Securities to Zerodha and sell it with you to avoid high brokerage.

Is it possible ? If yes, can you please elaborate.

Thank you.


Why do you guys choose wrong topic to post your issues ?

You can initiate new thread instead of posting in a irrelevant thread.


Hello team,

Firstly i want to confirm that i have no knowledge of commerce at all, so please try using less of the commerce term while replying.

I wants to know what is the “product type of share”.
While i was trying to get hands on with some app for buying share.i found a product type Dropbox which had several options like "intraday, cash, cover, emargin.

Could you please explain me what it is actually in very simple words.

May be you could suggest some study material for learning the basics of trading.

Thank you.


Lets Say on may 24th, the bank nifty options of 23000 strike was trading at 50 paise, can i buy 20 lakh shares, i dont know what the total OI on banknifty, is, and does each strike price have a different limit on how much we can buy


Hi. U r in best platform. U can go through varsity by zerodha thr u can learn much more…



I would recommend you not to move them, since you will face transfer costs as well. So when you want to sell off it is better to sell off or any new positions can be created on zerodha


What is the url of the new system?



Some one please share me screen shot after setting the ema of 9,21 I want to set 2 ema of 9,21 and 25,50.
I have set in moving average.but I get only one line in chart and not 2 line of ema