WENDT ofs at floor price of 2200

OFS AT 2200 PER SHARE on 7 and 8 January 2021 for 94704 shares . earlier it was scheduled on 21 December 2020 but withdrawn after official announcement .

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I placed my order above 2 lakh ₹ at 2502 price at
2:25 pm , yet it is showing as pending , what does it imply can anyone help what will happen to my order ? @aniln

The order status will show as pending until it is sent to the exchange.

Clearing Price of Rs 2900.00 fixed for the Non Retail Bidding in Wendt (India) Ltd … offer size was 85233 shares and up to 2900 rs 91507 shares were demanded by investors means at 2900 too some will not get allotment . THIS IS MY UNDERSTANDING .

Hi , do we have a feature of notification in zerodha that can update us when an buyback/ofs are announced or are in process ?

You could subscribe to the RSS feed of Zerodha Bulletin to get notifications about the latest buybacks/OFS. This support page explains how you can do that -