What a kind of trader you are?

With the pride, how you would like to introduce your trading personality to trading world?

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I have been a trader who has always looked at mispricing opportunities. Something is moving which should cause something else to move, if it is not happening, there is an opportunity to trade. :slight_smile:


I’m a swing trader who trades both sides on Nifty and BankNifty,I mostly follow the trend.Sometimes i hedge the positions.

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Let me start with myself, I am a lazy swing trader, trades with short and medium trend, I deal with only derivatives not on stocks. I would never hear experts advise, the only thing that I would believe in the market is chart and trend. I would not feel shame to accept my mistakes by taking stops. And still a beginner in money management…

Please explain more with example, Thanks

Nithin, I am sure that there is lot more meaning on your answer. Could you explain it further? may be with a real world example? Thanks

Thats great… Any special indicator?