What about F&O and Margin plus order use the account

Information only

Could you explain your query a little more? What do you mean by margin plus order?

I don’t no how to trade margin plus order.
And F&O option
Please explain both options for trajection.

And what about the brockerage charges

Coz sir I enter only equity blue chip stock trade for long tram and Small cap for daily

Futures in itself is a margin product.

For ex, BPCL Futures is at 520 and the lot size is 1800. The contract value is 9.36 lacs. But to carry-forward a future position in NRML, you only require an NRML margin of 1.2 lacs. MIS requires 40% of NRML margin, so an intraday MIS position only requires 48k. And BO requires only 40% of MIS margin, so an intraday BO position requires only about 18k.

Add the future to you Kite marketwatch and you can buy and sell it just like stocks. You can either trade futures for intraday or you can carry the position overnight.


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