What are safe Instruments for Investments?


I want to start investing money every month(like SIP),but not in stocks or share market directly.

I am thinking about Fd and Tax free bonds. Can anyone give me the details about the same or some other say Best investment tools which can give decent profits in years to come(it should be liquid and also long term mayb)


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AR, if you are looking at any return above 10% per annum, I don’t think there is any instrument that can offer this being completely safe. If you are happy with under 10%, I guess the best thing to do is a recurring deposit at your bank .It is like a fixed deposit, but you keep depositing money at the interval of your choice.

If you want safety do not buy stocks or mutual fund. Money is safe in bank deposits.

But if you want to become the richest man on the planet stocks is the way to go.

Money doesn’t come without some risk.

Senior Citizens Fixed Deposit is around 9.5%. Safe and secure. You can even have the interest paid out monthly or compound it to get little higher interest.

Try LIC. . .


If you want exposure to equity. You can buy the Nifty Bees which tracks the index and also pays out dividends.

I can afford to take min risks,whr and how should I start investing now?

a good idea would be to find mutual fund consultants for advice. i haven’t got personal experience with any, so can’t suggest which one to approach. you will have to do ur due diligence on this. how it helps :slight_smile: