What are stamp duty charges


Was tinkering with the brokerage calculator and on other sites there is an additional amount wrt stamp duty charges while no such amt is displayed in zerodha calculator. What is it and how much I have to pay (Karnataka).

(Also update the calculator to show this charge as well because the profit/loss shown is clearly false)


Stamp duty in simple terms is a kind of tax that it is applied to commercial and non-commercial transactions that create rights. And the administration of such rights is required to be enforced by the State from time to time. Stamp laws are administered under the Indian Stamp Act and various State Stamp Acts and Rules. Check out this Quora question for more.

For Karnataka, as mentioned here in their brokerage calculator, it is

They’ve mentioned this below the calculator -

*Above calculator does not include stamp duty and dp charges. Check below for state wise stamp duty. All charges explained.