What are the blue chip stocks, what are the red chip stocks, what it means blue and red?

what it means blue chip and red chip, how one can find which one is blue and which one is red? i am asking this question because i heard this words frequently. any way to find the colors of any stock?

Blue chip stocks are stocks of those companies which are nationwide known,reliable and are able to generate profit in good/bad circumstances

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There is nothing book defined classification as bluechip or redchip stocks. Any recognized stocks with great potentilal of growth , stable financials, good EPS, P/E who is giving good amount of divideds are blue chips. You can read an article how to pick such stocks without in depth knowledge here http://www.trader-guide.com/stock-market-for-dummies/


Go to moneycontrol.com and then search for Blue Chip mutual fund schemes. Under that, see the scrips that make the portfolio. This is one way to know which companies are Blue Chip companies. Search for SBI Blue Chip Fund.

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Have u heard of a game called poker?
Just check what the colored chips mean there.