What are the documents required for new account opening?

I’ve already completed the e-KYC procedures and the current account status is to send two documents to Zerodha via courier.

One is DEMAT_PIO and the other is ECN for commodity trading.

I’ve printed and signed these documents. Will I have to enclose any other documents?

Once you’ve completed your online account opening via Aadhaar, there are no further documents required to be sent to us other than the Demat POA and ECN (since these documents aren’t allowed to be esigned according to the IT Act of 2001)

When my trading account will become active?

Your unique Zerodha Client ID is generated immediately after the online account opening process is complete. You will receive your Trading login details within 24 hours of the Client ID generation.

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I’ve not yet received my login details. It’s been 24+ hours. I’ve received only client ID and not the password. When will I receive?

I’ve opened my account yesterday at around 9:30 AM.

You can write an email to [email protected] with your client ID, they will check and revert.

Already did that part but there’s no response.