What are the due dates for filing my tax returns?

Usually, it’s the end of September. But there are several parameters which can alter the date of filing the tax returns. Like, for instance, this year the date of filing the tax returns was extended to August 5. Similarly, such extensions can happen depending on the situation of the government. The actual date of filing the tax returns this year was July 31. But due to strikes at PSU banks, the date was extended.

Sometimes there can be different dates for different states as well. Say a state is in political turmoil or some sort of stress then the dates for that state can differ from the states which are not experiencing any kind of political turbulence.

J&K is a state in India which has seen a lot in the past. There has always been political unrest in the soil of J&K. So the rules of the government which are applicable everywhere else in the country, sometimes get altered to suit the state-of-the-art situation of the state. This year the IT-Return date has been extended to Aug 31 for J&K, whereas everywhere else it’s Aug 5 like mentioned before.