What are the main 2-3 studies and indicators to look for the consistent results

Since there are lot of studies and indicators, and being a newbee I would like to focus on 2-3 most influential studies and indicators

The best differs to individual to individual.

If one doesn't have detail knowledge on the construction of indicator then one can't use it to fullest as one should also be aware when to avoid signal from that particular indicator. Put some effort to study them to get better results. Can start from this link.

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Hello Trader,

In the book “NEW FRONTIERS IN TECHNICAL ANALYSIS” by Paul Ciana, there is a research done on the topic “Evidence of the Most Popular Technical Indicators” and they are as follows:

1-RSI = 44.4%

2-MACD = 22.0%

3-BOLL = 12.0%


5-DMI = 4.9%

6-GOC (ICHIMOKU) = 4.5%


My favourites are, Stochastics, RSI, Bollinger Bands, Super Trend, Moving Average 20 and 50

Hope this helps.

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