What are the norms to close any question by client?

what are the norms to close any question by client? I have asked question about the traning to employees to zerodha. I am not satisfied with answer and I made comment on that answer. But now question is closed. Zerodha is having fear of criticism?


This forum is for you to ask general queries on the markets. You'll find it in the About section.

Quote "However, soon, when all the general queries on markets started pouring in, we quickly found out that it was not something that could be answered on Z-Connect, and definitely not by just one or two people. We realised that it was the need of the hour to have a dedicated Q&A resource, given the popular trading forums out there that severely lack quality, spread misinformation, and are painful to use."

In the event of your question not being general, but specific to a brokerage firm, we'd request you to write to the support team of such brokerage house. Although, the forum is started by Zerodha, it isn't restricted to clients of Zerodha & there is no client-broker relationship. Everyone's free to ask questions and give answers.There are no fears, but this just isn't the right place to post such questions, simple.

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