What are the technical aspects to be considered while trading in options?

Particularly while trading in Index Options. And what points I’ve to consider to predict the movement of Nifty Index

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While I trade on options, i focus on three

  1. Short term trend - Why?

Option contracts are time sensitive. I can’t expect the same option price even after few days the underlying price comes to same place. So i don’t trust on trading options in medium and major trend. To be specific, i trade mostly on intraday basis.

  1. Volatility - Why?

Speed at which the prices moves based on the underlying change. You must be careful on this otherwise you will loose much on intraday basis while you trade without pre-submitted stop losses.

  1. Stock movements under the particular index - Why?

For example, when i trade on Nifty options, i don’t just depend upon the nifty underlying price because it is just a derivative product not an own-foot. Each day after market close, i go through all the major stock closing prices, chart patterns etc. This is bit longer process but i explain just one example here — I consider more value to some patterns like Wolfe wave wedge, and butterfly pattern. If more stocks have bearish pattern, next day i expect the nifty movement in bearish or if more stocks have bullish pattern next day i expect the nifty movement in bullish pattern. To be more accurate, try to look for the patterns in intraday too.

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First of all, read basics of technical analysis. Study Charts - Trends and MACD being most important.

And second but more important, avoid buying options all the time. Mostly try to write them.