What are you watching this weekend after trading?

Which movie is it going to be ?

  • Barbie
  • Oppenheimer
  • Oppenheimer but in IMAX
  • Barbenheimer

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It’s been a good week in the markets, time to relax and watch the latest release.

Could not get IMAX for Oppenheimer for the opening weekend. All the IMAX shows from today until next week mid or is houseful in Chennai.

Long live cinema.

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I’ll probably be the only one who would be studying :slight_smile:
PS: CA Aspirant exams this NOV 23 :slight_smile:

But you still have time to trade. :man_shrugging:

Said no CA before clearing ever :joy:

PS: I read as still have time to read :grimacing: my bad

Ah. Most CAs would have said this. So I can’t blame you. :grin:

On a little serious note, I am a little different here. May be because of my involvement in the academy. I have seen students losing focus trying to do multiple things at a time.

I have told him before too. Stay away from markets for few more years. He will have enough time after that for the rest of his life.

Students don’t listen. Do they? :rage:


Every now and then hell yeah :laughing:
I stay in touch with the markets as it is what I want to be doing so somedays I take out time to do it anyway :laughing:

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Now since I’m in the last three months I’m also serious about abstaining from the markets and the general world :slight_smile:
Thanks, @Jason_Castelino

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barbie on sunday and oppenheimer on imax tuesday :relieved:

I would fully agree on this , College life or study life one should focus only on learning may do some side hustle or fun but it should not be expense on learning. Its golden age which won’t come again. Market will be here forever and its kinda become boring and mechanical once your set , so I also advise the same for youngsters on come to market when you have enough capital and time other wise its not worth it at all. Also , It will become lonely after sometime as trading and investing is highly personal in nature .