What are your expectations about the SBI Cards upon listing?

Hello Friends,

What are your expectations of the opening price of SBI Cards ? Will it open at lower price or higher ?
And going ahead, will it see good future ? Please suggest.


My expectation is an opening price of around Rs.850

i think you’re over-thinking if you’ve applied for the IPO based on the fundamentals of the company you thought was good, it doesn’t matter how good the response will be on the listing day, if you’ve been in FOMO because of IRCTC IPO, and applied for the IPO for listing gains, you should change the way you look at the markets, IPOs are not the place you should be looking for short term gains, odds are really not in your favour, out of 415 IPOs in past 20years <50% of them are unsuccessful, leave the fact about the probability of the allotment, you should trade for short-term gains and invest for long term, IPOs are simply not worth it bro :slight_smile: