What are your views of IRFC

I think we should consider about a stock which name “IRFC limited” which is currently trading at very cheap valuation and as we have seenin the budget government is spending huge in railways I think this stock must be in our portfolios so what you people think about that because this is undervalued now.

All PSU stocks are focused by government, all PSU are cheap value only , then you think how the government and government stock both are cheap :rofl:


I don’t believe it will gain you much even in long term. I got alloted 500+ shares via IPO and since then it has not been able to even reach its IPO cut off price i.e Rs 26. In my opinion invest in a more volatile stock instead.

Need to have patience atleast till few quarter results are out. Its only been close to 2 weeks since listing I guess.So I will wait for some time and then take a decision

This is a good dividended yield stock , you can keep in this stock instead in FD , in longterm they will increase the dividended , always mix your portfolio with dividended stocks and growth stock

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Let hope Q4 results move the stock past the IPO Price