What chances does the Nifty have of making new highs in October?

And how much can the rally possibly go if you think its going to continue?

there is nothing like that baba, if nifty goes one day up every technical analaysis and guru will tell market will this much will go up, if market is going down two days continusely they will tell market will go this much down , if i seen directly these guy i will slap , because no one does in knows anything about market -

people are loosing money because they r predicting the market , just invest or play non-directional strategy hat i am doing these thing , day trading will never give profit continusely its will give big whole in a pocket


i given a proof for you the September series f&o will expiry in this range see what happen in September series

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I ll tend to agree on these. Well, trading is kind of a prediction game, where you put risk and rewards beforehand,and your life depends on the accumulation of these patterns.

If you meant to say in general, day trading ll never give profit continuously, then I ll sharply disagree. You can swing, day trade, scalp if you are good enough. This is the beauty of this market. Anyone can do anything, everything works but not everytime.

Well, I day trade only and I have kids. I hate to give wrong message to inspiring traders. if you say day trading ll give a big hole in a pocket, potential traders might get a negative vibe.

Trading is about finding the trading style that suits one’s personality. And that finding can take years. But who says, working your ass off with a passion and perseverance doesn’t pay.

Trading is the best job in the world. But the best job comes with lots and loads of sacrifices. No B.S.

And @Riyas_Ahamed, your strategy might be best suited for you. But I warn inspiring traders to find thier own niche,instead of trying to replicate others. The profits might be nice, but if you hadn’t develop the strategy, without your sweat, then come the drawdowns, you are likely going to panic and lose faith.

Cuz you know best what you yourself built. If something fails, you know which variable to tweak.

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Mr.rohin sha sorry its hurt you i think , i am not telling you like experienced day trader , most of the retail are new for the market they don’t know understand the market, they are bringing money to market and want to make quick money immediately on daily basics , rakesh juhunwala is making good money in day trading , not like that everybody , if we will take a profit ration in the market 95% retailers are loosing money , day trading like that without knowing the strategy its danger … if you know then ok …

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Hey man… No sorry’s.:crazy_face:
Yes, I agree. Every words are true.


Stop predicting and go with the market , when every one feel bullish , institution wants to go bearish , and vice versa… all they want is liquidity and they can move to their direction and profit…

Dont give them liquidity , just follow them and go with them.


Well said!