What decides color of LTP marker

I still haven’t been able to figure out the color of the LTP marker in zerodha candlestick chart. Attaching a graph. Here the LTP is 16.9000 and is “RED” in color. I understand about the coloring scheme in the volume pane, but can’t locate any documentation about the LTP marker. Can someone please point me to relevant information?

Here is the graph with the “RED” LTP marker of 16.9000.

What ever it is on market watch, if LTP is greater than previous day close it will be in green if not red.

I am not sure thats the case. For example, the previous day(23rd August) close for PNB was 85.50 . (Information from Yahoo Search - Web Search)

However, today(24th August) even at 85.90, it is showing as red.

Or perhaps I did not understand what you meant. Could you please clarify further…

Also, this has to do something with the view. For example, if I change from a 15 minute to 30 minute view(say), the same red marker might become green. I still haven’t been able to figure out how that is related to candles though.

I gave example based on day time-frame, if it other than day one can compare with previous candle close.

It does seem to have some relationship with previous candles but if you look at the first screenshot I posted with the LTP marker “16.9000” in red, then the LTP in that case is higher than the close of the last candle. Still, it is in red.
Any suggestions on why that could be?