What do i do if any scrip is not there in the futures ; then how/what do i do?

If i want to trade in bulk volume big number of shares quantity ; e.g. if i want to trade in 2500 quantity of “tcs” ; instead of trading in cash equity ; i trade 10 lots (250 per lot size) in future of tcs !!!

My question is : what do i do if any scrip is not there in the futures ; then how/what do i do ?

What you want to do, buy or short the stock for mare than a day? If you want to buy you can buy shares directly, what is the issue here?

My question is : if i want to trade in bulk quanity number of shares , i choose to trade in future of that particular scrip
BUT . what and how do i do it (do the above) , for the scrip which has no “future” ?

Buy stocks, it’s just you need to pay for full or few brokers offers MTF( margin trading) will give leverage upto 4 times and charge interest, in coming days zerodha will start.

What you mean that i can trade only in cash equity .
How do i shortsell to profit in the bearish market?

You can use SLB, check here for more.

You can’t short sell and carry it forward overnight, however you can do intraday.

Is that true margin funding for stocks in zerodha?
Currently upstox offering margin funding!
Are there any restrictions from sebi regarding margin funding?? Is it a green signal?

SLB is different to margin funding, we offer SLB via offline route now, will start margin funding soon.

How and how much can i make money in SLB per annum ?

I can find only 15~20 scrips here . What if i have other scrip stock shares not in this list ?
Also , how is the value volume turnover liquidity in the SLB ?
any minimun amount / quantity / time period restrictions etc ?

SLB can be used only for fno stocks .

How can i shortsell stocks not in fno ; how can i make money in bearish market of the stock not in fno ?