What do we want in next Kite Android Update

Hello Everyone,

After having used the kite platform for a month on android phone, i would like to suggest the following which if implemented will make the software immensely user friendly and improve profitability

  1. Option of adding price alerts, which remain in place till they occur (not remain intra day) and give a notification on the phone.

  2. Option of typing a note adjacent to stock name in market watch so that intended Stop Loss, price targets, can be noted down for easy reference.

  3. Small case stocks should be separately visible in holdings window.

They are working on it and there is a hype built up around it though, let’s see. The options you are talking about may increase your profitability but it will take the user friendly part out of it. Kite’s main Advantage is it being light and easy to understand by anybody, it serves beginners, amateurs and even pros.

  1. Trade from charts (just like in upstox pro)
  2. M, L order types for CO and L & SL for BO
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