What do you guys think about the shares: Pokarna and Vardhman Holdings?

I currently hold the shares Pokarna and Vardhman Holdings. Pokarna is a leading Granite maker in South India and Vardhman Holdings is also a good company.
But since the last 2, 3 Quarters, they are continuously decreasing.
Please help if anyone has any reviews regarding the shares. Thanks.

Vardhman holding has reported bad results. Its price is falling since then.

Thankyou. Should I hold it or sell and move to some other stock ? I have time frame till max nov 2018. Also do you have any idea about Pokarna ?


I have no idea why you are holding those companies.

But i will make your life simple.

Since you are interested in construction sector, infact most indians should be as there are growth prospects. Below are the recommended stocks by cap.

Large cap -
Godrej Properties Ltd.
NBCC India Ltd.
Ultratech Cement Ltd.
Phoenix Mills Ltd.
Dalmia Bharat Ltd.

Mid Cap -
Swan Energy Ltd.
Patel Engineering Ltd.
GE Power India Ltd.
Vipul Ltd
Sagar Cements Ltd.
Gujarat Borosil Ltd.

Small cap -
Anubhav Infrastructure Ltd
Athena Constructions Ltd.
Sunstar Realty Development Ltd.
VKJ Infradevelopers Ltd.
Relstruct Buildcon Ltd.
Unishire Urban Infra Ltd.

Take your pick.

Do your analysis and hold them at your risk.

I think better to exit