What do you guys think about tickertape?

As a novice investor and UX Designer i was fascinated by the UI that @Tickertape has. But i’ve heard that it still misses a lot of functionalities that other screeners provide. I would love to hear your opinion about tickertape and what are the things that bugs you about it? Also would you choose any other over it?

I was searching companies and looking at there data. I found out problems and errors in their data,

for example Mindspace Business Parks REIT PE ratio is 42 but on tickertape it is around 4.36.

  1. SGBs not included.
  2. No delisted stocks are shown in it (if you still have them in your portfolio),
  3. No support for vested.co.in (I like to see a combined report of both Zerodha & vested.co.in)