What does contracs mean in options?

The contract on 28th july is 115220 and open interest is 2809875 ,so does that mean that 115220 contracts were bought and sold on that day

Yeah, contracts here most likely are the traded contracts (bought and sold) for the day.


thanks sir for answering one more doubt look at the open interest on 27th and 28th the difference comes to be around 2 lakhs but here contracts show 115220,if 2lakh contracts were bought/sold it must show on the contracts right ?

Where is this screenshot from? Which website?

nse site sir

hmm… can’t figure out… OI has dropped by 2lks but contracts traded on 28th is just 1.15 lks. The only reason I can think of is if you took this screenshot during market hours or just after market closing. Check this:


OI = Lot Size X number of Open Contracts. So in this case Number contracts required for dropping OI is 202800 / Lot Size.

so 202800/75 is 2704 contracts but still that dosen"t make up…there is huge variation everyday between the ol and contracts…very confusing as no information is provided anywhere .

@Arpan What is confusing here ?